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During the years, the Arena has become one of the greatest lyric theatres of the world and surely the noblest and perhaps the most suitable to our times: both the atmosphere for popular shows and the dignity of the monument have been preserved.


Bardolino is found on the East side of the Garda Lake, more commonly called the Verona side. Oil and above all wine are characteristic product, whose productions have by now supplanted to all the other cultivations. The wine productions of this zone has a high quality, represented by the wine that takes the name from this region - "Bardolino".



Well known center of the Verona coast, its name comes from the lake. Carved between greens covered hills of vineyards and inside a splendid gulf, enriched by the romantic cape of Saint Vigilio, it conserves an interesting inhabited nucleus, with ancient houses, alleys, squares.


Center of the Southeastern coast of the Garda lake, it conserves its historical print thanks to the old scaligere walls still encircling it, maintaining the fascination of ancient constructions and characteristic old streets.
The main aquatic park of Garda lake is on its territory.


A very visited international tourist attraction, today it is the second town in Veneto for life and economic activities. The sweet handles of Adige river that cross it and the hills that encircle it determine the beauty and the landscape harmony. Its historical center has been called from Unesco "historical and cultural patrimony of the humanity".


Venice is a city more than ever dedicated to the art in all its shapes. The historical art can be visited in its numerous museums. There you can find the most beautiful works made by the greatest artists who have made the history of art. Simply taking a walk you will be constantly encircled by palaces and churches with astounding architectonic structures, a real museum under the open sky.


Valeggio, on the Mincio river, is famous becasuse of its landscape beauties and the artistic patrimony, and for good food too: the numerous restaurants offer to the guests the best food of the local tradition, as an example the tortellini of Valeggio.


Vicenza settles in a fertile field of the Po river, between the Berici hills and the Lessini mountains. The historical center conserves majestic famous monuments, well known all over the world like the Olympic Theatre and the Palladio Church in the elegant "Piazza dei Signori" (Lords Square).


To the south of Garda lake, in Mantua territory, a few kilometers from the coast, there are greens hills originated from ice deposits which in the farthest ages have formed the lake. Between these sweet hills, authentic treasures of art and history hide. But this is also the reign of the good traditional Mantua food, served from restaurants in which it is worth to go. "Doc" wines of Mantua Moranici hills make good company with traditional food.


A natural environment, in which hills and valleys have been formed for materials accumulation and for erosion of the ice of Garda lake, and later on sweetened and modelled by atmospheric agents and the water. Here cohabit ecosystems in equilibrium , in cultivated fields, uncultivated zones and small woods.
The spontaneous flora is particularly rich and interesting from the botanical point of view, while the fauna represents an element worthy of attention.



The reputation of Sirmione comes form the amenity of the place, the splendor of the landscape, the sweetness of the climate, the rests of a huge roman villa - the "Caves of Catullo" - and the solforose water source that brings life to a modern thermal complex.



In the immense and characterized panorama of valuable Verona wines, there is an ideal symbiosis between atmosphere and vineyards, ideal for the production of great wines. The territory around the country of Soave has always been the earth of white wines, with its castles, churches, bell towers and rich patrizie villas that emerge hardly from the sea of the vineyards, to be witnesses of a territory rich of history, tradition, strongly connected to its main product.


A site placed between the Verona and Vicenza PreAlps mountains, where you can discover the amazing world of fossils in a unique environment.
The fossils deposits of Bolca are aged to the Inferior Eocene Era (48 million years), formed in an atmosphere of carbonatica platform, with the arising of many atolls in a tropical climate. Calcar stones were formed in a high energy environment, whereinvertebrates bones can be found within.


The two slopes of the mountains have a completely different look. The western, towards the Garda Lake, is steep and covered of vegetation, with walls and towers of rock and big valleys. The eastern slope is less rocky and rich of grass fields; it does not come directly from the Adige river, but it raise before parallel to the main crest, forming therefore the walloon where Spiazzi and Ferrara di Monte Baldo are located, and then it falls in Atesino valley.



The northern part of the province of Verona, commonly named Lessinia, is made of a wide plateau. The Verona mountain, with its valleys in the south, it is a climate hinge between Po plain and Alpine world. The variety of its climate has been created by the gradual slope of the ridges, the elevated autumn-spring rainfall of the high Lessinia, the deep river rifts, the dryness of carsica limestone cliffs and millenia of farmer works.


The sanctuary of Madonna della Corona (Crown Madonna) rises close to Spiazzi, 770 meters of altitude, and it is engraved in a wall of rocks that comes down as a peak on the Adige river.
It is one of the most famous and visited religious cult places in Italy.
There are many stories and legends about its origins.
The original nucleus of the construction was built around 1530, and has always had the function of hosting the stone statue of "the mercy", still worshipped.


The Sigurtà Park-Garden has a surface of five hectares and it is located close to morainic hills, close to the Lake of Garda and only eight kilometers from Peschiera. The conservation of this ecological park has been entrusted to the respect of the visitors, who usually call it a real Temple of Nature, so much that the Park-Garden is considered today one of the five most beautiful parks in the world.


The Garda Lake can be crossed by ferries, so in just half an hour you can save time and enjoy a beautiful panorama.


The Garda Lake gives to tourists the chance to discover, by motorboat excursions, the beauties of this region.
You can spend an hour or an entire day, from the simple excursion to the cultural tour, stopping by in famous and peculiar locations, in order to enjoy fully the freedom of a day sailing in the Lake.


An aquatic park with the climate and the landscape of a forgotten tropical island.
A lot of aquatic entertainments, slides and showers of all kinds.


Located on the Verona side of the Garda Lake, this is the most important place for entertainment for people of all ages. Nowadays it is the greatest Amusement Park in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe, always with new and exciting attractions.


The sweet and moderated climate of the Garda Lake allows to play Golf during all seasons in the year. Playing in the extraordinary natural landscapes of the Lake is an experience you should not miss; cypresses, vines, forests of olive trees and old oaks live in harmony with
the blue of the Lake, shaping the typically Garda landscape which has always been beloved by artists and foreign poets who have been there.


The Garda lake with its territory is an ideal place for vacation, with a rich variety of landscapes and modern equipments which are ideal for bike lovers. A true paradise made of roads, narrow dirt roads, paths, muletracks on the beautiful mountains or in the country between vineyards and olive trees.


The high Garda Lake, the triangle with its vertexes in Torbole-Malcesine-Limone, is a real paradise for Windsurf lovers, this location is considered one of European Capitals of this sport.


The Garda Lake with its territory, is one of the most complete gyms for people who love an active vacation and sport and want to enjoy it in a relaxing environment or with agonistics engagement. The mild climate gives the canche to practice sport in open air at the beginning of Spring: above all Tennis, with modern equipments in all tourist center.